St. Ambrose University Professional Development Center

By:  Megan Tarasi, Director, Professional Development Center at St. Ambrose University (Bronze Level Partner)

July 20, 2020



The COVID-19 pandemic has pervaded our personal and professional lives, leaving very little unchanged and creating mixed emotions. As you reflect on your experience over the course of the pandemic, you may find you feel a sense of loss, sadness, and isolation due to the physical distancing measures imposed for community safety. On the other hand, you may be feeling a renewed sense of joy and accomplishment from activities like baking, gardening, reading or exercising. You also may be feeling overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by new guidelines and recommendations about the best ways to move forward.


Great change often brings great opportunity. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify the opportunity, much less to take advantage of it! You may have read about companies who are adapting to the pandemic by taking advantage of new markets, like manufacturing PPE or perfecting contactless delivery services. Maybe you’ve even done some things yourself, like offering virtual events or redesigning your workplace so that it meets new safety standards. Regardless of how you have adapted to this new global reality, you may be interested in pursuing new skills to maximize your ability to respond, innovate and engage with your workforce and in your industry.


St. Ambrose University’s Professional Development Center (PDC) is here to help you develop the expertise you need to succeed amidst these challenges. The PDC is launching a completely re-designed certificate in Leadership for the Quad Cities this fall which addresses current issues facing both experienced and emerging leaders. The program will help you navigate change by pursuing topics such as creating engagement in the workforce, developing and managing high performing teams, communicating effectively and implementing organizational change. In addition, participants will engage in discussion around inclusive leadership, organizational culture, negotiation, and utilization of ‘people analytics’. Participants will not only gain innovative leadership skills in this cohort-based program, they will also have the opportunity to connect with leaders throughout the Quad Cities community to form lasting, impactful relationships.


The pandemic has caused a major shift in our workforce, which permeates all industries and roles. It is imperative that today’s leaders have the skills necessary to make swift decisions to manage change and proactively evolve. Join us for the fall Leadership for the Quad Cities program to make yourself an essential, invaluable leader who is equipped to handle the challenges of today and lead the way to a better tomorrow.


Consider expanding your resume by taking a course with the St. Ambrose Professional Development Center. We offer courses in a variety of topics, including Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Leadership, Labor Management and more!