GRHRA Website Features


Under the "Members" tab, you will find our Membership Directory. Utilize this feature to search fellow HR professionals that are members of the GRHRA chapter. If ever you forget the first or last name of a person you meet at one of our events, search the directory to find the forgotten information.



Under the "Networking" tab, you will find our Job Board. Did you know that GRHRA members are able to post HR-related positions on the

website for FREE? Yes, you read that correctly. To post an HR-related position for the company in which you work, send an email to and provide a full job description AND include information on how to apply.

If not a GRHRA member, this feature will cost you $50. BIG savings!



Under the "Networking" tab, you will find our Resume feature. Whether you are in search of an HR positions OR whether you are searching for

the right HR professional to join your team, this feature will meet your need! To take advantage of this feature, send your resume to Ensure to include your contact information in the resume so employers are able to reach out to you directly.



Under the "Members" tab, you will find our Forums feature. Gain more knowlege in this feature by starting or participating in discussions in the "General Discussion" category. This feature is a great way to utilize the combined experience of our members to further deepen your knowledge

on a vareity of HR topics.