SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence

 SHRM depends upon each of its affiliates to operate in a professional manner; effectively manage its finances; maintain affiliation standards; communicate with members, the community and SHRM; and promote SHRM. Completing all 9 items in the Basic Requirements section is a baseline of operations and will help your chapter build a stronger foundation for success. All 9 items are required to maintain “good standing” with SHRM.

Briefly, the requirements are:

• Submit a completed 2016 Chapter Leader Information Form (CLIF) by December 1, 2016, to identify all leaders in the
coming year.

• Chapter president must be a member of SHRM during the entire term of office.

• Ensure that your chapter conference or other major chapter education events (including co-sponsored programs) with
greater than 200 attendees do not take place “around” the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition.

• Provide year-end financial results for the period 1/1/2016 through 12/31/2016.

• Ensure that the current SHRM “AFFILIATE OF” logo is correctly, consistently and prominently displayed on printed materials, publications, products, and web sites.

• Hold a minimum of four chapter meetings with programs and four chapter board meetings during the calendar year 2016.

• Upon request, submit your chapter’s membership directory/roster for auditing by SHRM staff at least one time during the calendar year 2016.

• Review your chapter’s bylaws annually and update as needed.

• Chapter president will participate in at least 50 percent of state council meetings and conference calls.